Voedsel en basisbenodigdheden

Inflation caused by the current global crisis is hitting the poorest disproportionally. Cost increases in basic food supplies are very challenging when you live on a few soles per day. Therefore, monitoring the food situation in the communities remains important and occasionally, we bring non-perishable food to a local “olla comun” (community kitchen). This usually […]

Onderwijs, de sleutel tot een betere toekomst

In Peru, the school year runs from March until December. Although school enrollment is mandatory in Peru, attending school can be a challenge for children from the poorest families. They often live far away from the nearest school (without any means of transportation to get there), they need to take care of their siblings or […]

Bezoek van de Belgische ambassadeur

During the month of April, we were honored by the visit of Mr. Van de Vreken, the Belgian ambassador in Peru. Together with his team, he brought medicine and food for the most vulnerable children and spent time with the parents to learn about their hopes and challenges. He learned about the reality in which […]

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