Jaar: 2021


Many of the inhabitants of the community of Valle Ecologico were ill, so we organized a medical visit by Dr. Mata, a volunteer supporter of our association. For many, it was the first time in their lives that they met a doctor. Mrs. Mata examined the patients (she went back several times) and prescribed the necessary medicines that we bought. Thanks to the wifi that we installed in the small school, the doctor is able to follow up his patients at a distance…

Deelname aan TEDxYouth!

Saturday July 3rd was a great day for Children of Lima! Kenyi and Liz were invited to join the TEDxYouth Peru event. They both live in the Valle Ecologico community, high up in the hills around Lima. They have been off school for more than a year now, completely cut from the world. Together with […]

De CosmoGolem als baken van hoop

Close to what is known as “the wall of shame”; dividing the richest parts of Lima from the poorest ones, the Peruvian CosmoGolem finds its home. Built by the local community and empowering their hope for a better future, the friendly giant was welcomed in the community by the children and the families. “This CosmoGolem stands […]

Verbinding met de wereld

Schools have been closed since the start of the COVID19 pandemic in March 2020. Classes are only delivered via distance learning, from the safety of a teacher’s place to the safety of the home of the students. Unfortunately, this type of learning is not accessible to the children in the communities we support, as these […]

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