Water creëert veel mogelijkheden

The installation of water reservoirs and fog catchers is enabling a few other interesting projects. As an immediate first step, we have built a sanitary block with 2 individual showers and toilets. Although this feels basic to all of us, this is a luxury for families living in the poorest areas. Many children have never […]

Veilige toegang tot de gemeenschap

Picture yourself driving on an unpaved, sandy road, with rocks on one side and a deadly ravine on the other, with no space to cross a car coming from the opposite direction. Now add thick fog, preventing you from seeing more than a few meters in front of you. That is the reality many communities […]

Water opvangen uit de mist

Great news! We were able to complete our “fog catchers”-project: 10 Large fog catchers are now connected to 3 big water tanks of 15 cubic meters each, and a water distribution system that makes water available to all resident families in 2 remote communities! The locals have been working very hard to achieve this important […]

Inhuldiging van waterreservoirs

On February 19, we have inaugurated 3 newly built water reservoirs and a pipe, tap and pump system allowing for the water to be distributed to the different homes of the community. Each reservoir has a capacity of 15,000 liters. The project will be completed later this year with the installation of several “fog catchers” […]

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