Doctor’s visit

Many of the inhabitants of the community of Valle Ecologico were ill, so we organized a medical visit by Dr. Mata, a volunteer supporter of our association. For many, it was the first time in their lives that they met a doctor. Mrs. Mata examined the patients (she went back several times) and prescribed the necessary medicines that we bought. Thanks to the wifi that we installed in the small school, the doctor is able to follow up his patients at a distance…

A story of hope

Valle Ecologico is a small community located near the top of one of the highest hills south of Lima, in the district of San Juan de Miraflores. It is one of Lima’s many “forgotten” communities, where families live in extreme poverty. A few weeks ago, we discovered the area on one of our trips to […]

Understanding the COVID-19 challenge

Although Peru is currently the second most affected country in Latin America, the country was relatively fast to take a series of measures to deal with the health crisis. On March 15, only 9 days after the announcement of the first case, a total lockdown and quarantine was imposed and a sanitary state of emergency […]

Helping the community kitchen

The COVID19 pandemic is giving a whole new meaning to the concept of “solidarity” in the so called pueblos jovenes in Lima. Many of these recent settlements are high up in the hills, far away from basic amenities like water and electricity and far away from the local markets. Single mothers, elderly or sick people […]

The fog-season has arrived

We are early June, the fog-season has arrived in the shanty towns of Lima. From now until October, the families will barely see the sun. Instead, they will be surrounded by fog. This is a very dangerous season for the children: the rocks are very slippery, they often can’t see for more than a few […]

Roaming the streets, in search of food

It’s a common sight these days in the shanty towns of Lima, people roaming the streets in search of anything that could represent a meal. In normal, pre-COVID19 times, most families managed to feed their children on a regular basis. Their job as a street vendor, cleaning lady, carpenter,… allowed them to make enough money […]

Bringing food to the families

Here we go for another day of food distribution to the children and their families. First of all, during the state of emergency, we can’t get to the communities without authorisation. We need to let the authorities know exactly where we are going to and why.  First stop is usually one of the mega stores […]

Today, we got help from the Food Bank

Today, the team went to the ‘Viñas del sur” community and met with its nice people, friendly families and lovely children, it was a fantastic day. We distributed food received this morning from the Food Bank, the families were so happy! It’s a lot of hard work, it requires a lot of organization, but the […]

COVID19 Emergency relief

The current crisis hits the children and their families very hard in Lima’s shanty towns. Due to the lock down and state of emergency, most families fell without any income, and as an immediate result, without food overnight. Communities organise “olla comuns” (community kitchens), but most of these have run out of food. Due to […]

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