Catching water from the fog

Great news! We were able to complete our “fog catchers”-project: 10 Large fog catchers are now connected to 3 big water tanks of 15 cubic meters each, and a water distribution system that makes water available to all resident families in 2 remote communities!

The locals have been working very hard to achieve this important milestone – as of now, during the fog season (from April until October), the communities capture, store, and distribute their own “free” water. Through a simple filtration process, the “caught” water can be transformed into drinking water. This represents a significant saving for the families and decreases the dependency on water trucks who are reluctant to come to the communities via the narrow and steep, rocky road, especially during the fog season.

During the summer period, the fog catchers are dismantled to preserve and protect them. As soon as the next fog season starts in April/May, they will be reassembled.

Did you know that:

  • The cost of water for the poorest families is around 7 times higher than in the (wealthy) city center of Lima
  • Lima has 2 seasons: summer (from November to April) and the fog season (from May to October)
  • We can capture an average of 8.5 liters of water per day per square meter of fog catcher during the fog season (validated by a 2-month test project in 2021)
Catching water from the fog
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