The CosmoGolem as a beacon of hope

Close to what is known as “the wall of shame”; dividing the richest parts of Lima from the poorest ones, the Peruvian CosmoGolem finds its home. Built by the local community and empowering their hope for a better future, the friendly giant was welcomed in the community by the children and the families.
“This CosmoGolem stands on top of a mountain, surrounded by people who have the hope to grow in this difficult society. I think that by making and installing this CosmoGolem, they have taken a step to let the world see how we can move together, how we can work together, and how we can talk just from this mountain to other parts of the city and to the rest of the world. I am proud and I am full of hope. Let this be a strong philosophy and let’s start to talk with each other and to listen to each other. And especially, to learn from each other.” – Koen Vanmechelen
The CosmoGolem is more than a piece of art, it is a beacon of hope, a voice for the children, a bridge between communities and people.
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The CosmoGolem as a beacon of hope
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