Children of Lima

Saving lives. Bringing hope. Together.


We raise funds and deliver sustainable projects to provide children and their families of Lima’s poorest pueblos jóvenes with basic infrastructure, water, safety and development opportunities while respecting their culture and traditions. We do this together with the communities, a small team of highly motivated people in the field and through a network of local and international volunteers.

Help the Children

Our projects depend entirely on the donations we receive. We guarantee that at least 95% of the money we receive is used in the field.

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We support little schools and initiatives that help prepare the children for a better future through education.


We help communities in their efforts to provide an environment that is a safe as possible for the children.

Water & Food

We look for ways to provide children and their families with access to water and basic amenities.

Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. A small effort makes a big difference.



Soup kitchen

School renovation

Everybody wins

Although the situation has evolved favorably since the turn of the century, there are still hundreds of millions of people on this planet who do not have regular access to the most basic health care, basic education, potable water, toilets, food, and housing. A situation that is unimaginable for most of us and difficult to reconcile with the technological advances we are making day after day. Many people fall prey to apathy, fearing that the fight against extreme poverty is a lost cause and thinking that their contribution cannot make a real difference. Fortunately, they are wrong.

Healthy altruism is the key. Healthy altruism is neither right nor left, has no colour, no age, and no expiration date. It is a contagious and infinitely powerful virus, perhaps the most natural, universal strategy for addressing extreme poverty.

In their book “Everybody wins”, our founder and our representative in Lima, show how everyone, in their own way and with their own resources, can win from engaging in healthy altruism. 

Everybody wins


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